Days Of Life …

Happy Memories

Long time ago.. after all we met..

a day of joy and happiness..

Years later all will grow up..

Will they have time to show-up ?!

So out together all we went

to find a place with peace.

a place to recall Days Of Life..

Searching through the roads

looking through the streets..

There at the end was something i could see..

Eureka! i said to myself,

Turn the wheels!, shouted to else.

Inside we went in the street of no greens..

approaching towards the mysterious blue.

Through the walls and the windows,

through the dirt and the scrap,

saw an element of peace and silence..

the River flowing to the west.

Down the slope all we went,

sat lined up with hanging legs..

chits and chats and talks around,

missing old days, the Days Of Life,

memories abound….

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