An Architecture of Restoration

This project defines the idea to bring the Standard treatments practiced in western part of the world, and Complimentary treatments practiced in eastern part – together in one setting, surrounding them with the right kind of environment, so they support each other.

Hence, along with an existing cancer hospital, ECHO Cancer Care Center aims to provide a coherent environment for a truly holistic patient experience.


Towards a new year …

Taking a walk down the block,The wind I feel, I hear.Reflecting upon these


Health and Nature

Architecture connected with nature enhances well-being, reduces stress, improves air quality, and promotes relaxation.


Consumer Power

You’re wondering in times when this Pandemic has struck the world, why am


That one friend …

A friend who would stick aroundOptimistic always, even when sadness surroundsThis friend that


Behind the scenes

Wo jo sabki tasveerein kheecha karte hain,Aksar khud ke astitva kaSaboot dhundhte firte