The Walk

Up the horizon, rises the sun,
slowly and soon, lit up my room.
Later not soon, I open my eyes,
No more am home, I realize…
“Wake Up my child…”, the sugar coated sound,
“Wake Up!”, I said, mom’s not around…

Down and up through the streets,
rustling in silence, the falling leaves.
High in the sky the eagles scream,
Together, waiting for the shining beam ?
Strolling over the falling ground, a significant change I feel..
a fragrance like air, you never tire of breathing it,
a fragrance which just wraps you around,
It’s the florists I see!


One and two and there are more, sitting aside the road,
Timeless joy I see in their eyes, when colors blossom on their wives…
Soon will the integrator arrive, spreading the city’s busy vibes.
As busy as bee, people, up & down, where has the fun gone in their lives?

I’ve joined the same herd, a little while ago,
Engaged in buses and offices, the day ends just like that!
Eyes close with a hope, late in the night…
coming sunrise will bring promises, and a day full of delight…

  • vivek
    Posted at 19:07h, 19 February

    WaaaOoooohhh!!! Awesome neha!!

  • Shylesh
    Posted at 21:43h, 19 February