The Unintended Learning

A School isn’t a mere building. It’s an environment.

It’s the place of joy and wonder. It’s the place of learning , interacting , discovering and developing independent thinking.

It’s an idea of spaces coming together to form space of ideas.

It’s the place where you grow , nurture. It’s the place that creates experiences that lasts forever.

The school of Manav Sadhna which stands between the large slum of the city and the school of Manav Gulzar, which houses a Hindu Temple and a Muslim Mosque beside each other as a sign of unity, sets an amazing example of a Learning Center and a Sustainable Design.

Becoming an inspiration for the students of Architecture, these buildings addresses the issues of environmental pollution and uses waste material for most of it’s construction. These are designed to serve as schools for the young, training centers for the youth and the large courtyards serve as recreational and gathering spaces and places for celebration. It also empowers the poor by generating opportunities and improving the quality of life.

Manav Sadhna, Ahmedabad


Filler Slabs


Doors made of waste bicycle parts


Courtyard used for various Recreational activities


Manav Gulzar , Classroom windows


Gave employment to women …


When walls start teaching..


Playing in/with school  ??


Learning from walls..


Children playing in the courtyard near Temple and Mosque

It’s not about the form of the building, but the life you create within..

I believe, the building is what teaches you more than your teachers. The development of human mind, molding of ideas and thoughts depends a lot on the kind of surrounding you are in. It should make you curious and build questions in your mind.

That’s when you learn! Learning is no more in classrooms.. It’s beyond the walls you see…

If you can bring this Smile on their faces , you’ve done your job!

Thanks to the people and kids Manav Sadhna and Manav Gulzar for being kind and helpful.

Picture Courtesy – Neha Rampuria

  • thebarkingcow
    Posted at 03:57h, 06 April

    this is really mature stuff..good job

  • Rinu
    Posted at 16:42h, 06 April

    Excellent view – couldn’t agree more!!