From the city of Ruins…

Hampi – a place where one always aspires to go and unfold themselves in the beauty of the past and celebrate its existence in the present. The city of rocks and ruins..sits on the banks of Tungabhadra river and is surrounded by beautiful landscape with large boulders, the banana plantations and the paddy fields alongside the road.

The dirt roads weaving through the city and the hills leads you to the magnificent temple complexes and vibrant markets,  which almost enlightens your individuality.

The temples and shrines, which surrounds you every where, that massive scale which makes you wonder what a minor bit you are in this world. Inquisitiveness rises and timeless questions keeps hitting the mind. Wonder how much time and craftsmanship has gone in making each element of these temples?

That ray of light which slowly carves out the darkness inside the spaces through hollows, brings in hopes for life and manifests the sacredness of the place. The beautifully sculpted columns stands like an army in the anterior as if they were to guard the idol.

Whereas out in the city, chains of shops and diners, slowly revealing themselves (as you explore the streets), embrace within them the colors of art and culture of the city. Lightened up with beautiful and vivid lamps, these serve as most people’s livelihood.

Monkeys, (whose population will soon be equal to the humans residing there!) keep sprawling around the place, in the markets, in houses  (some over your breakfast table and some peeping through the bathroom windows!) and over the huge masses of rock giving life to the place. Whereas, cows with painted horns, found in the streets,  have now become a source to collect charity.

Hampi comprises of a lot of such activities and stories, architecture and art which makes it what it is today, a Happy Hampi!


Here are some of my memories from Hampi…13-15th August, 2016



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