letter from her soul…

It’s a dark night and a moonlit sight,
the city’s quiet, asleep.

But the young girl by the window seat,
glazes at the steady street.

Static mind and her static soul,
deep in thought she weeps.
Like a raging river, drops of tear,
streams down her cheeks.

Glimpses from the past,
imaging around,
those scary voices, that surrounds.

Unaware that day,
she left home in the dark,
Those streets were grave, none was brave
who knew …  it’d leave a mark!

Crippled and crushed, like withered leaves,
Ever will she shine anew?
Ever will she laugh and giggle again?
frowns were no more few …

They bragged, “ We saved the girl child ! ”
and why?  To leave her in the wild?
Great!  you saved that girl child
but never again she smiled …



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  • Deepika
    Posted at 16:47h, 23 April

    A thoughtful message