Women and Sustainability

This paper presents a fresh viewpoint on the widely discussed relationship between sustainability and the active participation of women in designing projects. Numerous studies have highlighted that women, traditionally entrusted with caregiving roles in communities, possess an innate sensitivity and intuitive connection to nature and the environment. However, despite these qualities, women are often excluded from major decision-making processes in societal planning.

The physical spaces we inhabit—where we live, interact, and share our cultures—profoundly influence community health. Research indicates that women exhibit a greater inclination towards sustainable design and material use within the built environment compared to men, yet they encounter limited opportunities in this field. In South Asia, women’s contributions to the architectural discipline have been historically overlooked, prompting an exploration of cases involving women architects from this region.

This study avoids rigid conclusions and instead introduces a new perspective by also examining the role of men within this domain. Through this comparative analysis, commonalities between both genders are identified to bolster the hypothesis.

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