Towards a new year …

Taking a walk down the block,
The wind I feel, I hear.
Reflecting upon these past months,
Towards a new and promising year.

While some whine, this year was “fine”
We all found ways to cheer.
Work from home brought us closer,
To people near and dear.

Even though, ‘20 was a disaster,
Thought of the skills you mastered?
Even though ‘20 was a disaster 
It passed by so much faster.

She’ painted while ‘he’ cooked,
They went for a jog together.
For once, in a long time,
Life felt… as light as a feather.

Many suffered around the world,
Pain tore them apart.
Hence rose the health warriors 
Lighting hope in people’s hearts. 

Do’s and Don’ts are now set clear
Nature is no more unarmed.
Let’s not forget this year, 
Every moment is an alarm.

Even though ‘20 was a disaster 
The next might bring much more laughter!
Even though ‘20 was a disaster 
Let’s keep growing, every year and after… 

( Written on 25th Dec, 2020 )

                                                                      – नेहा

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