That one friend …

A friend who would stick around
Optimistic always, even when sadness surrounds
This friend that I found,
Has a heart of gold and his feet on the ground.

It was once a difficult phase
When I was stuck in the gray
And you offered this friendship, 
Today, nine years later, that I embrace
In my dark room, you have always been the sun’s rays

Chatting with you was part of my day,
Whatsapp have all these memories displayed
Remember, you came up with these random nicknames?
Candy and Dumbo will forever remain!
Some times, emojis were all we needed to convey
& sometimes my important decisions would seek your ‘okay’

There is so much more
In this friendship that I have explored
You’ve given me the person, I always look for.

Let my lack of expression, not take this away
Here is something that I needed to say

Thank you! 

I knew you would stay,
To hold my hand, until the end… 
I knew you would stay,
When I assigned you, in my contacts,
to family from friends… 

                                                                                                                                                 नेहा  :DD

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